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Pat Colwell and the Soul Sensations

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About “Drifting”

Hallowell has always been a special place, but in the last (35) thirty five years it has become home to an extraordinary number of exceptional restaurants, musicians, writers, and artists. Wherever the Colwell Brothers perform, people ask us, “Hey, what’s up with that scene in Hallowell? Is there something in the water or what? You guys seem to really have it going on!” Bob and I always let them know that, yes, there is no better place, but it’s not something in the water, it’s what’s in the hearts and souls of all her residents and fans that makes this little city a truly huge Cultural Oasis!

Hallowell is a gift to us all and Bob, Justin, Dicky Doo, Dave, and I want to give this song to you. Down load it, e-mail, record it, and give it away to as many people as you can. It might be a little sad and bittersweet, but it is a celebration of who we’ve been, who we are, and who we’ll become. Hallowell, we love you!

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